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'Towards Cinema' by Mustafa Irgat (1968)

Mustafa Irgat

Towards Cinema

         Images   -from the present to the future, and from the future to the past-   are on the shores of the scream that will shatter the silence of the past, on the shores of a future where to create is to create twice.
         There are ceaselessly whirling forces present in the cinema trying to find a way out; forces whirling in ruptures, in the uncharted, in types of poverty.
         From now on all dilemmas need detection.
         After defining the culture of revolution, what remains unrenewed in the face of this scene of destruction is an honest face [ak alın].
         ... to be able to say "we are the workers", offering the burst, those who humanely understood their 'I', 'you', 's/he'; to be able to say "we are the workers," who, in loving pain, can transform hatred into affection...
yearning for the truest working of the moments that die away; yearning for a moment to be heard and seen. Yearning.  One day.
         Balancing wrongs with truths, tearing away the masks of incoherence, pulling them to the depths of bottomless wells: reinforcing the sublime explosion.
         The contemporary filmmaker eulogizes the fight,
         Eulogizes the fight. Writes in order to write. Plasticizes it with the dream he had.
         Shows in order to show: anxiety disappears.

         One day, nomadic despairs give way to nomadic resistances.
                  That day
                           each "filming" is the becoming-image of responsibility, and perhaps augmenting the responsibility by becoming image.
         To take up arms is to become hopeful a thousand times; to keep silent and transform is the hope of girding on the arms. The situation does not give way to the "game". What starts with the filmmaker ends with the filmmaker.
         A passion heading toward the essence, orienting the revival: a mysterious madness: being of the 'I', 'you', 's/he', that is the being of cinema.
         The Magical Gaze is saturated with ineluctable images made of life, gets saturated with images   -the most anticipated images of the devotion-   that no one signifies.
         One awakens from the dream: feels pain. Grandeur inhales a lengthy daytime. Cinema begins its duty.
         These days,
we are an imperative that constantly takes shape, a thought that is woven of countless ebbs and flows. We are the inner actors of the truth, an undying unity, a song, a declaration.


Original: Irgat, Mustafa. "Sinemaya doğru", Genç Sinema (2) 1968, pp. 4-5. 
Trans. by Selim Karlıtekin
Thanks to Jacob Daniels and Basit Iqbal for the help with the translation.

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